Himachal assembly elections to be held in December


By: Varun

Shimla: In a sudden development, Election Commission of India has announced the Assembly Elections in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The elections are to be held on November 14 and December 19, three months ahead of schedule.

Counting of votes in Himachal Pradesh will be done on December 28. Three constituencies will go to polls in the first phase and 65 in the second.

The commission was expected to announce the dates for Gujarat elections today. However, the announcement of election in Himachal came as surprise not only to the government but the general public as well, particularly when there were a few months still left for the state government to complete its tenure.

With the announcement, the model code of conduct too has come into immediate effect in the state.

It is to be noted that state Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is visiting USA these days. Whether this is a calculated move or not, will be known in next few months.

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  1. Good Move.. I think for now they cannot go on Inauguration spree …I want to just say that guyz please look at the candidates then vote .. EC please rotate the reservations on the constituencies

  2. Hmmmm…. IIT announcement and Rs 80 crore for development of Shimla… and all udghataans and ghoshnas and foundation stones just will come to an end. Raja Sahib and the Congress, both must not have thought that The Election Commission would be so harsh on them.

  3. Vividh…why have so much soft corner for a particular party. EC is not harsh, in my opinion this is what should happen in every state irrespective of rulling party.

    If the Govt has done enough over a period of 5 years .. let them showcase it.

    In addition to this every party should showcase thier vision for next 5 years …well that does not mean ambigous promises like "vishal, vikasheel himachal ". I think people should be more interested in knowing how they plan to achive it and what are the timelines.

    Govt should be run by competent people ……

    PS: I pray there are good candidates in fray for shimla & please please unreserve Karsog (or people Should not turnout to vote if the same candidates are there)… somebody listining :))

  4. The Election Commission has taken out the melodrama from the state elections. No smiling faces of the Chief Minister and his Ministers at inaugurations this time! How can our political class cope without daily dose of photo-opp.

    The contest is going to be keen between the King and Professor/Writer combine with Major ensuring to play perfect spoil sport to the King.

    Rajesh ji.. the person from Karsog is an old hand. During the course of wedding of one of his kin he had asked one senior officer to arrange for ghee for the marriage and when the officer refused he was transferred to a far off place.. Inke kisson ke to kya kahne

  5. Dear Guys

    The early dates of polling has caused major loss to the state. Its known to everybody that as a trend all our govt. recruit people , lay foundation stone to various projects in the last six months of their term.

    This time Govt . has got 2 months only instead of 6 months to all populist activities , this results a major loss to the people of the state.

    Be it congress or BJP next two years , there will be hardly any development. It can be interpolated from previous assemblies and their terms



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