Himachal govt imposes ban on five harmful drugs



Shimla: Himachal Pradesh government issued a blanket ban over selling of five drugs with immediate effect. This was stated by a Spokesman of Health and Family Welfare Department here today.

The manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs as Nimesulide for humans in children below 12 years of age, Cisapride, Phenylpropanolamine, Human Placental Extract Sibutramiune, R. Sibutramine and its formulations for human use should be withdrawn immediately from the market. He said that as per notification by the central government the manufacture, sale and distribution of these drugs has been prohibited with immediate effect and permission granted for these drugs and formulation stands withdrawn from all manufacturing drug licences and loan licences.

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  1. Human Placental extract is a very effective drug. It contains several bioactive therapeutic molecules. We (the team of Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, a unit of CSIR India) are working for last 12 years with the extract the trade name is ‘Placentrex’ and identified different molecules with the potent therapeutic efficacy e.g. fibronectin type III like peptide, NADPH, PDRNs , peptides with protease regulatory property etc (ref. www. Pubmed.com). We have been invited several times abroad (Europe, especially in France) to deliver lectures on ‘Placentrex’ research findings. So far we have not found any adverse effect of the drug. DCGI recently put a ban on the drug without giving any explanation except the fact that this kind of drug is banned in US. It is ridiculous that thousands of drugs which are really toxic and banned in US and other countries are still exists in the Indian market. Regarding Placental extract India is the forerunner in proper scientific and thorough clinical research. Moreover, it has been accepted in global scientific community by accepting research work on human placental extract in highly reputed international journals (ref. www. Pubmed.com). Furthermore, from environmental point of view it has a great value of recycling of only human organ with high therapeutic potential. Placenta is treasure house of all bioactive molecules can never be synthetically generated.
    Without knowing the rationality, efficacy and safety ‘Banning this highly reputed product of India’ is very much unethical. Banning of such a globally accepted drug must be reconsidered.

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