Petition against hydle project in Kullu



Kullu: Residents of Patlikuhl area in Kullu district have filed a petition in Himachal Pradesh High Court challenging the government’s decision to grant NOC to a hydel power project on Haripur nalla. The 1.5 MW project had been awaiting clearance for the last three years. Sources said that even the technical committee set up to grant NOCs to hydel projects had serious reservations about the feasibility of this project, but clearance was anyway given at the highest level.
In year 2005 the government had carried out a survey to identify sensitive areas not to be disturbed by any major activity, and Haripur nalla too was listed there. The petitioners have pleaded that with the setting up of this projects, trout farms at Patlikuhl would die and so would the fish seed farm established by the government some years back.

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