Is monkey killing in Himachal legal?


By: Vyjayanti

The nation is busy framing rights for every man, sane or insane, and animals no matter how mighty and frightening they are. The nation regards them as gift of God to every Indian.

On the contrary to the rules and regulations, the Himachal authorities just seem to be anti wild life. They not only, recently legalised boar killing but the recent monkey killings in the state just goes on to prove how concerned the government is about preservation of wild life.

Monkeys, which are auspicious to some and are an important part of the fauna of the state are being mercilessly killed by the authorities for no particular reason howsoever.

The monkeys are important as they consume the waste and unimportant eatables, which are not used by any body amongst us. The Hindus revere them as Lord Hanuman and should be respected as they are.

The monkeys are an important link on the food chain as per the theory of evolution laid by the eminent biologist, Sir Charles Darwin.

The state of Himachal should abide by the laws and traditions followed by the entire nation, which stress to respect every man and animal. Are animal activists Maneka Gandhi and Ambika Soni listening?

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  1. Monkeies are much as part of creation.Its pointless to quote Darwin,since he had only assumption about Evolution & no surity.But please tell me how government has self-imposed authority on life of an animal.Its the public who behaves worse than monkies making non-sense on the road giving bread to them & making them vulnerable for accidents.Govt has written sign boards requesting public to not to resort to this offering sysytem.Public is living in unhygenicway & thus asking monkies to come in the area of living.Of course monkey will move on the cables,wires & rooptops.Do not expect them to keep Left.Which public disobeys violently.You honk & monkey,cow,dog,buffallows will leave the road.But so called human beings have no sense of traffic.Let ovt do some thing to descipline own race-Homeo sapiens rather than innocent animals.Even the law supports padestrins to walk & vehicle must use breaks.The Law system needs radical changes:if we do not want animals to set an example for us.

  2. It is good to have wild life around us, but there is a limit to their numbers. the monkeys have made life difficult for human beings – who also have right to survive. At many places children are refusing to go to school for fear of attacks from monkeys, many places, agriculture has become useless as the monkeys destroy standing crops. So what can one do?

    Last year women from Dharmpur Block (of Solan district) took out rally against monkey menance, many women have been injured, many men have been injured.

    Our demand was to capture monkeys and put them in a safe place – provide them food and also undertake culling by sterlization. And for this purpose, women agreed to pay special tax to the Government.

    Unfortunately the government took short-cuts by allowing people to kill the monkeys.

    The nature demands balanced growth of each species, but due to silly and stupid policies of the government – like destroying natural jungles and making all jungles into a Kheti of Chir Pine, they have destroyed the natural supply of food for wild life, as the chir pines have grown, many species who survive on eating other animals have vanished, the net result is unmanagmebale growth of specific species like monkeys.

    One interesting question that needs to be answered is: what does Human beings contribute to conservation and growth of NATURE? Remember every species other than Human beings contribute – some in big ways and some in small ways, but what does, we contribute?

    Subhash Mendhapurkar

  3. The vice-Mayor of Delhi, while relaxing in his home at the balcony was attacked by a group of monkeys.

    Someway he fell down and due to his

    head trauma, later on in the hospital

    he died.

    We must preserve wildlife, but if the wildlife is going to cause harm to the

    human beings, where we need to draw the line?

    I live in an area where deer population explode in certain times,

    then the government issue hunting

    licenses to kill more deer, so as to

    keep the deer population in check.

    If not checked the over population of

    monkeys, they can spread diseases,

    besides, causing physical damage to

    the human beings and property.

    • Dear AS Mathew

      One could say the same thing about us human beings: If not checked, we spread diseases, and cause physical damage to the whole planet!

      Therefore, let's cull humans!!

  4. Although we the human beings are responsible for all.Since we had destroyed the forest land & now using for building infrastucture.Where they will go.Its natural they will look for some Ashiana.

    Its better we should sterlize them instead of killing.That will be the better way.

  5. None of us have the moral right to take another's life. Each creature on this planet values its own life as much as we value our own. We have encroached into the territory of wildlife, destroying everything in our path with our ever increasing population explosion and polluting industries. Now we are blaming the monkeys for interfering with our agriculture and way of life. Is it fair? There are humane ways to keep the monkey menace in check, and this goes for the stray dog menace also: Sterilisation and if needed, relocation.

  6. It is strange to live in a country that drove away the mighty imperialist British by the use of non violent means but fails to drive away its monkeys from its fields by the use of peaceful means like employing langurs etc.

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