Tibetan refugees lodge protest at Dharmshala



Dharamsala: More than ten thousands refugees and monks today lodged peaceful march in Dharamsala, expressing solidarity with their 17th Karmapa. He is being accused of working for Chinese agencies after recovery of currency to the tunes of Rs70 million from monastery housed by him.

More than ten thousand Tibetans today lodged peacefull march procession that commenced from McLeodganj, culminating at the Gyuto monastery covering about 20 km distance. Later, 17th Karmapa addressed the public gathering, which was also attended by the locals, Tibetan supporters of Karmapa from Sikkim and Tibetan Refugges living here. Addressing the gathering at the Gyuto Tantric University and Monastery, Karmapa said the investigating agencies are doing their work and they would absolve him without charge as he has nothing to do with the alleged charges and is taking shelter here for purely spiritual pursuits.”Let the investigating agencies do their work. Truth will prevail,” Karmapa said in his brief address in his Tibetan language.

Carrying joss sticks, pictures of the Karmapa and banners, the devotees including some foreigners, said their spiritual leader was wrongly marred in a controversy. “The allegations are totally unfounded. We are greatly perturbed. The “guruji” is here to propagate Buddhism and spiritualism. He has nothing to do with money collection,” Nubra Chokey said. Indian investigation agencies remained busy to record every bit of information after the recovery of unaccounted currency from Monastery here. The most baffling part of the total seizure from the monastery was the 1.1 million Chinese Yuan (Rs7 million) and over 600,000 US dollars. State police agencies have twice questioned Karmapa about the currency haul. Meanwhile, Chandigarh unit of Enforcement Directorate on Tuesday scanned documents and questioned functionaries.

While there are speculations in the media about possible link of Karmapa and his aide with Chinease authorities but it is too early to assume so. Meanwhile, state and center intelligence agencies are deciphering the every inch detail to equate spiritual leader as Chinese agent. The arguments being given by the followers of Karmapa is that how could a 13 yrs boy be termed as Chinese mole when he is equally revered among the Tibetans living here on asylum. But, after foiling a racket of ISI being active for six months in the state and putting three Indian moles working for ISI behind bars, the Indian agencies are quite worried about any such links. State Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal also raised the concern while taking part in internal security threat meeting of Home Minister and Chief Minister being organised at New Delhi yesterday. A new unit of Tibetan refugees is being constituted to keep eye on the activities of refugees that are being charged for alleged land deals and violations of encroachment norms.

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