Two more arrested in money recovery case



Shimla (Jan 30): Himachal Pradesh Police took two more people into custody, allegedly linked with supply of ‘hawala money’ on late Saturday night.

Police sources said that KP Bharadwaj, who is owner of the vehicle in which money was found near Una was detained after locating him at Bagalpa area of Kangra district last evening. A manager of Cooperation Bank, Ambala branch, DK Dhar was also held for allegedly supplying a letter regarding the money recovered from the vehicle intercepted at Mehatpur barrier. The police are interrogating the both after taking them in police custody.

All accounts ledgers found in Gyoto Tantric Monastery and Sidhbari residence of Karmapa have been taken seized by the police. Police also quizzed Tsering, who is public relations officer at Gyoto Tantric Monastery.

Responding to police queries, the Karmapa is said to have denied any personal link with the unaccounted foreign and Indian currency found in his monastery. A police team, led by Una additional superintendent of police KG Kapoor had questioned the 17th Karmapa on Friday. While responding to media queries, the ASP said: “50 questions were asked to the Tibetan leader and he denied all allegations. He said the money recovered was money given by devotees. But we are not happy with his replies and he is likely to be questioned again.

Meanwhile, the central agencies, including Official of MHA, Intelligence Bureau, Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate are mostly focusing on recovery of unaccounted 1.14 lakh Chinese currency.

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  1. Indian media reports of this Karmapa story is a scam and racket against the Indian people. Indian police are so corrupt. It is well known that Buddhists donate to their gurus, this does not make them a Chinese spy, a recycled charge. Just look around to see who would benefit from this smearing of the Karmapa’s good name: check out the Sharmapa’s deep connections to the Indian establisment.
    India should rid itself of corruption and its press should do a better job.

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