Karmapa still at large, remains in his Monastery


Dharamshala, Jan 29: Himachal Pradesh Police Director General, D.S. Manhas said that Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, 17th Karmapa, mostly remained confined to Dharamshala and did not make any movement without informing MHA sources.

Against the media reports of house arrest, Karmapa has been still at large and is confined to 14 km limit of the town, set according to the norms made by Indian authorities to him.

After recovering new brand packets of Chinese currency neatly packed denomination of 13 Lakh Chinese Yuan from Gyoto Tantric Monastery at Dharamshala during police raid on Thursday and Friday, 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorge will be interrogated by the sleuths of teams comprising Enforcement Directorate, IT and officials of Ministry of Home Affairs.

HP Police Director General, D.S. Manhas denied of any link being established, terming Karmapa as Chinese agent, and clarified that except recovery of neatly packed brand new Chinese 13 Lakh Yuan, there is nothing substantial about his China Link. He said that state Police has registered FIR against close aide of Karmapa and two others under Sec 420, 418, 468 , 171 and 120-b and investigation on trio is being conducted, after seizure of Rs 6.5 Crore in foreign and Indian Currency.

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  1. The Karmapa has been in India as a refugee with his freedom of movement severely curtailed for 11 years. In all that time there has been no evidence whatsoever that he is a Chinese spy. On the contrary, he has spoken out bravely against the actions of the Chinese government in Tibet, has been called a “running dog” by the PRC and has lived with many hardships. I am baffled by this coverage.
    Each year there is a massive prayer for for world peace in Bodh Gaya that the Karmapa leads. Tens of thousands of Buddhists from all over the world — Taiwan and Mainland China included — gather at this time and as is Buddhist custom, many, many devotees make offerings of sometimes great generosity to the Karmapa as well as to the poor, etc.
    Devotees (east and west) make offerings to him throughout the year. This isn’t news. Obviously the Karmapa would have a great deal of money in a wide range of currencies! He is considered a great world teacher (as is the Dalai Lama) by many many people. Indian security are on duty 24/7 protecting the Karmapa. Certainly they can attest to theses offerings, the devotees and the devotion.
    Of course he’s wants to build a monastery! He has been the “house guest” at his temporary residence for nearly 11 years — 11 years (beginning at age 14) in which he has conducted himself with only dignity and concern for the well-being of others.

    India should be immensely proud they offered refuge to him.

  2. This sensational report is itself a scam against the Indian people It is common knowledge that Buddhists donate money and make other offerings to their gurus, including the Karmapa Lama. This does not make the Karmapa Lama a spy. When the word “recovered” is used it should be clear “recovered from who?” The money donations was stolen by Indian police. It was well known that the Karmapa Lama is well respected around the world and has many international followers. Free India from corruption.

  3. Thank you to the Indian government for finally dealing with these politicians masquerading as monks. As a Buddhist practicing in traditions preserved in Tibet, it has been very painful to watch Shakyamuni’s wonderful teachings for individuals to escape suffering be lowered to the level of propaganda in an ethnic spat. For the record, the “Karmapa” mentioned in this article is a Beijing-appointed figure that was never approved by his own lineage! The Dalai Lama’s backing of this Chinese appointee is nothing but Confusian sycophancy at the expense of Buddhism in general and the Karma Kagyu in particular.

    • Well said. And I’m so sick of all these westerners trying to take sides with the Tibetans. All they’ve got to back their knowledge of the situation is a few days spent in Dharamshala every now and then. Move on.

  4. A scam indeed. India, whatever next? After the fiasco of the Commonwealth Games that almost weren’t, and the corruption the scale of which the world will never see again, India now turns it’s wrathful gaze on a Tibetan Refugee! How impressive is that . A bit like the way USA treated the Black people in 1960’s. This Tibetan –a monk no less (!) has lived in India most of his life in a small room in a monastery that he does not own. . Well, well, well, the rest of the world looks in utter disbelief! While the real India bred corruptors and dealers of black money and land deals get on with business as usual.

    • Spare us the BS Rob. I grew up with these ‘refugees’. I was there when the ‘monk’ fled Tibet and came in and was safeguarded by the Indians. And that’s how I know exactly how much and what they think of India and Indians. And you know what? I’m sick of hearing about the commonwealth games. Who gives a rat’s ass anyway? Commonwealth games?? Get over it buddy – crap happens. And yes India is full corrupt DBags. So how about you get the hell out and stay where there’s NO corruption. And while you’re at it, take these refugees with you, you might end up with quite a few yuans. Good riddance. 

  5. Hey Richard Gere! How about you just take the little Tibet to Hollywood with you and stop making crap movies. That’d be a great gift to humanity.
    Seriously, I’m sick of all this refugee BS. It only works once – when you take’em in. The great human feeling of solidarity lasts for around 48 hrs. Then, the usual human activities start – copulation included. Generations change and so do attitudes. More Tibetan than Tibetan urges kick in and voila! 
    I remember when the Karmapa first fled the kingdom. I voiced my opinions back then, I do so now – they should’ve never really accepted him without following rigorous protocol. 
    Devotees? Yuan? Are you for real? What are we, kids on candy? 
    I’ve said this before and I say it again – time to try and become Indian. Especially the second and third gen youth with a Tibetan background. You were born in India, lived in India and you should be proud of this great country. Interestingly, all the Tibetans I know in Australia pounced on naturalized citizenships as soon as they could. Talk about double standards.

  6. we all Tibetan believe this Karmapa great lama .he was come to india 14 years old .he come to india reason see dalai lama and studying . also tare care about Tibetan Issue .l hope understand great country . thanks

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