Police seizes Rs6.5 Cr and 25 different foreign currencies at Karmapa Monastery



Shimla: Himachal Pradesh police has recovered Rs6.5 crore, including currency of 25 countries from the raids at Karmapa Monastery in Dharamshala about 250 km from here.

The raid that started on Thursday went on till Friday. In the raids Rs1 crore hawala money was also recovered from the residence of Buddhist monk Karmapa’s close aide Shakti Lama. Earlier, the police also raided the Gyuto Tantric Monastic University, home of the Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorjee. The monastery was raided at 1:30PM on Thursday.

The police recovered currency notes of  25 different countries on the second day. It included US$-6.25 , Euros-26000, Singapore-$72000, Hongkong $-56000, Taiwanese $- 7.39 lakh, Canadian $ 15000, Pound Sterling 4200, Dutch mark- 3600, Japanese yen -2000, Austrian $320, Korean won two lakh, Cambodian riyal-33000, Indonesian Rupiah- 16.32 lakhs, Bhutanese ngultrum- 1500, Vietnam Currency-8.24 lakh, Malaysian currency-6000, Ruble-660, Nepalese Rupees-12.12 lakhs and Chinese yuan 13 lakh. The raid was conducted after police seized Rs1.25 crore from a car in Una. Two monks and a driver was arrested with the money. It is believed that the money was meant for a big land deal in the state.

The ADG Himachal Pradesh Police S.R.Mardi said that Karmapa will be interrogated in this connection if needed. It is worthwhile to mention here that a writ petition is pending before Himachal Pradesh High Court over registrations of land in the name of some Tibetans living Kullu and other districts, alleging their involvement in the land deal.

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  1. This is a smear campaign against the Karmapa Lama for political purposes. Just look around at the people who work against the Karmapa Lama, like the Sharmapa Lama, who is very close to the Indian governmental establishment to see why the Karmapa was targeted. It’s ridiculous. Devotees often donate money to their guru. And the Karmapa Lama is respected internationally. He should not have to stay as prisoner inside the Gyuto monastery. He should be allowed to have his own monastery, which would do no harm to India at all.

  2. I am astonished by the poor media coverage on this issue, which perpetuates the Indian governments paranoia about the Karmapa being a “Chinese agent”. How rediculous! As to where the currency came from, the Karmapa has devotees around the world who make offerings to him in their currencies. It is common for devotees to give large amounts of money to the Karmapa, to help him continue his compassionate activity of building monasteries, orphanages, and schools. The Kagyu Monlam just finished, which draws thousands of devotees from around the world. How do we know the money wasn’t from that? There is no evdience of any wrongdoing, yet the media enjoys sensationalism and does not report the opposing side. Nor do they report the fact that the Karmapa has done a tremendous amount for India despite the fact that he has been held as a virtual prisoner in the monastery and town he lives in for the last 11 years, as the Indian government has heavily restricted his travel.

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