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By: Bhakti

Invitation for a Poster Exhibition on Global Warming

Dear Friends,

The increase in greenhouse gases is attributed mostly to human activities. Consumption of fossil energy is driving this trend, accounting for about three quarters of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. Land disturbance and other sources – burning, loss, and degradation of forests, rangeland and soils – accounts approximately for the remaining quarter.

The effects of climate change, including increasing mean and peak temperatures and increase in number and intensity of droughts, affect forests around the world and the animals (including humans) and plants that depend upon them.

The above statements are things we read everyday in newspapers and in magazines. The problem is like that of HIV /AIDS, which is all around us, but we know little about it.

To take any action what we need to do is,

Get better informed and spread awareness.

Keeping this in mind, we are organizing a Poster Exhibition on the Issue of Global Warming.

We welcome you all on this occasion where posters would be put up on display and we would host a Prize Distribution to recognize the children for their beautiful contribution. 

30th August 2007   Exhibition  @ Tashi jong  3pm to 7pm

31st August 2007   Exhibition  @ Khoj Information Center   9am to 7pm

2nd September 2007 Exhibition  @ JNV School Paprola onwards

3rd September 2007 Exhibition   @JNV school Paprola    10.00am to 12am

Program organized by schools 02.00pm

Prize Distribution   02.45pm

Be there to know about global warming and what would happen to us!!!!

Be there to Learn & Share all we know!!!!

Be there to Take Action!!!!

Meri Pyari Duniya hai yeh!!

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  1. Nice. it is good to know that there are people like you who are making an effort in this regard. Himachalis need to be made aware that as they sit on cusp of development, they could not let the enviornment degrade. Let Himachal be always green and beautiful.

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