Red flag over HPU



Shimla: Students Federation of India clean-sweeped Student Central Association (SCA) elections in Himachal Pradesh University for the fourth consecutive year, winning all four seats.
The president’s position went to Naresh Kumar of SFI who defeated Ashish Sharma of AVBP by just 42 votes. Rajneesh Thakur beat Kamal Kant of AVBP for the vice-president’s post by 199 votes; Anchal Guleria defeated Pallavi Bhardwaj (ABVP) by 160 votes for the post of general secretary while Rashmi Thakur defeated Rajni Kalia by 169 votes for the post of joint secretary. Interestingly, this year the elections did not witness any violent incident.

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  1. These elections give an indication which way the youth is inclined in the next real elections. In colleges across the state NSUI & ABVP were neck to neck. The SFI cadre votes ultimately goes to the Congress in state elections. Till some years back SFI was a dominant force across the state but the revival of NSUI has created a dent for SFI. ABVP as usual has been a force all along and has been going strong all these years.

    Why has the HPU been flirting with the Red ideology for so long? I would say it is the last chance for the students here to show their dissent with the ruling parties, since they join the mainstream job avenues after coming out of HPU that leaves them of showing their dissent later. Apart from this romanticsm in the campus, the leftism has no place in the real world and so the left parties have not grown in the state.

  2. I do not agree with you Nityn …. The vote will be on Govt. performance as such … Although I have not been part of any election conducting HP university institutions… But I do not read much into it … as for me they are nothing but waste of time for most of the students and only motive of coming to these institutions for others …… I advocate that all the candidates should have a minimum 60-65% in their respective courses … then let us see how many so call youth leaders we have …otherwise the system will keep on churning out murky politicians

  3. Well,

    This is still debatable !!!!.If we look for last 10 years SFI is loosing its grip in the colleges but always been a dominant force in HPU Campus.Why ???.

    I think the Univ Campus is the real battle ground where the students are much more mature in their thoughts and critics…

    I think this is the real question why there is RED in the HPU campus…

    The well thought reply for the Govt working and communal agimonies….

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