HimVani will soon be completing 5 years of citizen supported publication. The journey so far has been exciting and eventful. In these 5 years we have managed to cover issues and topics from all over Himachal.

HimVani is a Page Rank 5 website with Google. The site today boasts of more than 4700 articles highlighting Himachal and roughly 5000 user comments. The reader support has been enormous with HimVani getting foot-print of almost 20,000 unique visitors in a month.

It is important to mention here that most of this work has been done by committed set of volunteers. In addition there is a dedicated group of sponsors who have helped financially to get HimVani this far. This website is a culmination of our love and desire to give back to the society and people of Himachal Pradesh.

In the ninth year of publication we are looking to associate with more such individuals who believe in promoting Himachal, its people and highlight issues of public interest. We invite you to associate with us in the following manner:

Honorary writers:

Subject matter experts who have deep interest in areas such as Environment, Society, Culture, Art & Craft, Travel & Tourism, and Health etc.  The person should be willing to spare few hours in a fortnight/month to write a well analyzed and authoritative article about Himachal and the chosen area of interest.

Benefits to writers

  • Be part of a reputed writers guild from Himachal
  • Getting published with your own bylines
  • Access to readers from all over the world
  • Opportunity to host your own blog (online journal)
  • A token honorarium for each article

Citizen journalists:

  • Raise issues of pubic interest
  • Share information about events and happening around you
  • Highlight individuals who are achievers in their chosen path
  • Promote organizations which are working towards the benefit of public good

Benefits to CJs

  • Getting published with your own bylines
  • Access to readers from all over the world
  • Opportunity to win prizes and goodies every month


HimVani.com offers internship opportunities to individuals who want to pursue a career in Mass Communication and Journalism. We offer on the job assignment to our interns who want to expand their knowledge and gain insights and experience in this field. HimVani also offers opportunities to young individuals who have bright ideas and are looking for an organization to host them.

Benefits to Interns:

  • Mentoring by senior professionals
  • On the job training
  • Added advantage in your CV by gaining on the job experience
  • References for seeking new job opportunities

If you are interested in associating with us then send us a mail at editor {AT} himvani {DOT} com or better still pick up phone and give us a call at +91 98055 10111.

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