At present HimVani is sustaining through voluntary contributions of some of our well wishers. We are seeking both financial and non-financial help. Here are answers to some of pertinent questions you would like an answer to:

Why should you support HimVani?

Rather than “Breaking News” and “See it First on HimVani” king of journalism, for which there are several other publications – print, online and broadcast – anyways, our focus is thought provoking in-depth stories, on issues that really matter to the people of this small hill state. We understand with this approach it is difficult to generate massive revenues. However, we are confident, to reaching out to socially responsible corporate and civil-society organisations as well as individuals for support in form of donor contributions or advertisements.

So if you think you are a stakeholder in the development of this state and want to contribute to brighter future for the state and its people, HimVani is your means of doing this. Because we believe the only way to sustainable development is that people’s aspirations and concerns find an audible voice in a landscape of high-pitch campaigns and loud proclamations. HimVani is the only such platform in the state. It just needs your support to make it stronger.

How can you provide financial help?

Advertise on HimVani

Can you help through non-monetary means?

Though it is important, money is not the only means of helping this initiative. We provide you with some other very simple options through which you can help HimVani:

  • You can host HimVani’s logo on your web site or blog. Link to the logo image
  • You can add HimVani to your email signature. Add the following lines to your existing email signature.HimVani: For Himachal You Want
  • You can send us your ideas for articles on issues you would like us to cover at
  • Send us stories/pictures/audio-video content for publication. Email content
  • If you have the will and the resources – time or skill – needed to help with our initiatives, please email your offer at
  • Send story links to your friends: Use the link below, to send a link to the page you were just viewing to others who you think should read it. Simply enter your name and email address, your friend’s email address, and click on the send button to send the link right away. Send story link
  • Sponsor articles on HimVani: If there is an issue or a story that you want HimVani to cover, you can offer to bear the expenses – complete or partial – involved in doing that story. HimVani shall provide the human resource for doing that story.
  • If you are interested in supporting an article on HimVani click here


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