HimVani is an online grassroots journalism initiative with a mandate to give voice to concerned citizenry within the state and its diaspora on social and developmental issues concerning Himachal Pradesh. HimVani is a not-for-profit effort having its roots in the passion and love we feel for the state; not a mere thanksgiving but also a gesture to give back something to the state. It is an initiative to generate public awareness and responsiveness towards development in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

How is HimVani different from other news entities?

HimVani has strived to be a solution provider and not a grievance forum. While we’ve highlighted the grey areas, HimVani has been an effort to work at the grassroots and come up with solutions for those areas. One such effort was a suggestion to the tourism department to provide training to dhaba-wallas on the Shimla Kalka highway on basic cleanliness and Himachali cuisine. We also wanted to highlight the development work going on at the grassroots level. HimVani just doesn’t believe in reporting, but solutions as well. That’s why we love to call ourselves as a think-tank and grassroots journalists.

Does HimVani have an ideology or agenda?

At HimVani we have strived to provide solutions at the grassroots while highlighting the grey areas, rather than being merely a grievance forum. We must add here that HimVani does not have an ideological or an activist stance or agenda. This is in principal a democratic platform where we encourage pluralism and diversity in views. Our moderation is limited only to ensuring readability and public propriety. We seek to provide, any body, who has any thing to say, but does not have the means to say it with a platform which leads to the emergence of an informed public opinion. We believe that ultimately the truth shall triumph.

For more information on how HimVani intends to be helpful in the state’s development and what has it already contributed please visit our FAQ and Get to Know HimVani pages.

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