TRAI says not to fear pollution due to mobile towers


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked people not to fear mobile tower radiation, claiming that its radiation emission from mobiles waves is not harmful.

“The World Health Organization is conducting a study on it and it has not been substantiated that mobile tower radiation is harmful” said TRAI’s Principal Advisor Sunil Kumar Gupta during a Consumer Outreach Program (COP) here in the capital city.

Gupta also added that mobile tower radiation falls under the “non-ionizing category”. He also said that 3,000 mobile towers in the state were inspected and none of them was found radiating over the prescribed limit and since there are more than one billion subscribers, due to which TRAI’s responsibility has also increased

TRAI’s Joint Adviser K. Chandra Choodan said that in last two years nearly 224 consumer outreach programs have bee conducted and another 96 have been planned for 2015-16.

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