Shanta Kumar welcomes youth leadership of Jai Ram Thakur, Mukesh Agnihotri in state


Ex-CM and veteran BJP leader, the MP from Kangra constituency Mr Shanta Kumar has said that the picture in the newly elected Assembly of Himachal Pradesh is a total change. Mr Shanta Kumar said,” The CM Jai Ram Thakur is representing the youth from the Mandi district, whereas the Opposition party Congress has also given the leadership to Mr Mukesh Agnihotri, a young MLA from Una district, who started his career as a journalist and reached this spot after winning few times from his home area. This proves that the present Himachal Assembly is in the hand of youth – a good positive political position.”

In a statement issued today in Dharamshala, Mr Shanta Kumar said that both the parties have trusted the youth leadership. The Mandi district has given 9 BJP MLAs of the ten possible seats, the other one is an independent one, and the party rightly has given the leadership to Mandi man.

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He said that in the past 5 years of rule in Himachal, most of the time was spent in the political quarrel and in opposing each other, taking the development to aside. This is totally a reserve of the democracy, he said. Mr Shanta Kumar said that in the democracy one can criticise and levy allegations on each other during the elections but when the Government is formed the opposition must play its role in creative criticism only for the healthy development. Shanta asked both the political parties to start the politics of cooperation as the Government in the Centre is ready to help the State.

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