Drugs related crime rising in Himachal: Survey


The youth of this hill state is becoming the easy target of various NDPS and synthetic Drugs attributing 7.7 percent of drugs related crime and violence as the cartel of this illicit trades are causing the alarming threat to the peaceful existence and social life. Convenor of Woman Welfare Society Bindu Joshi informed that as many as 40 percent teenage in Shimla town is consuming drugs and in its addiction trap. She said that 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy are being used by the youth and they are becoming its prey and addicts of drugs related crime.

Seeking complete ban on MDMA she stressed that it was attracting youth toward its menace, however, the police and State agencies could not show much interest to nab its cartel and peddlers who are mushrooming up in the town. She warned that police seizes around 3400-kilogram Charas every year out of which 400 kilograms were recovered from this hill state. Himachal Pradesh figures on the fourth position for use of Charas and its related products. She said that Malana in Kullu district reportedly produces about 300 to 400 kg Narcotics per annum which sells like hot cake.

She said that NDPS produce is popular as Malana cream consumes about 60 percent in the international market while 40 percent are being consumed in the domestic market of state and border state. Ms. Joshi warned that there would be hardly any village in the State where the supply of Charas and Bhang are not being made. Indicating the seizure made during last three months especially during Election days state agencies recovered about 133 kg Charas, Ten-kilogram Opium, 500 gm brown sugar and six kilograms Ganja, the social activists warned.

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Ms. Joshi who is a psychiatrist by profession revealed that frequent use of drugs and NDPS is highly vulnerable to the youth as it gives rise to mental pressure and tension. She disclosed that State drugs related crime figures indicate that ten suicides and attempts are being made every day however consuming of liquor is causing death after 96 minutes in the state. To fight for its eradication and bring the victims out of its notorious web rising its hood in the state she stressed the need to work out with all the civil rights groups and Non Government Organisations have to fight unitedly as the cartels enjoy the protection and affiliation of the of political parties and establishment spoiling the bright future generation. “she asserted.

The drugs related crime also attributes about 2.2 percent crime and violence in the country taking the teenagers and youth speedily under its sway, she added. Himachal Pradesh High Court has also directed the National Crime Bureau and state police to crack down such cartel at Kasol of Kullu district where a new village is speedily turned into a NDPS haven. Most of NDPS are being supplied to foreigners who are visiting the state in large number and staying here for a long time.

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