95 years old Freedom Fighter Capt Thapa is no more


95 years old Captain Hoshiar Singh Thapa, a freedom fighter from Chandmari locality of Dharamshala died on Friday at PGI Chandigarh.  He took his last breath at Chandigarh at 4.30 am yesterday. Capt Hoshiar Singh was cremated at Rakkar Sidhbari Shamshan Ghat in the evening yesterday.


He served in the 2/1 st Gorkha Regiment and later joined Punjab Police and retired as Inspector in 1983. Freedam Fighter Capt Hoshiar Singh Thapa survived by his wife Smt Rambha Devi one son H/Capt Bishan Singh Thapa Retd. N three daughters all married.


The generosity of this late Capt Thapa was that he donated 1.80 lakh to Gorkha Association by creating three trusts for the stipend to poor and brilliant students. He was always very helpful and an active participant in almost all the functions organized for the humanitarian cause. He was famous for his furious and violent speeches.